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Mel Bolen

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I've been working with clay for 50 years, surviving solely from my work since 1977. This has come through hard work, perseverance and adherence to an original romantic vision of living by creating unique, challenging and changing work. For the majority of this time I've worked with thrown, highly decorated, glazed gas fired work in porcelain and stoneware. Commissions, galleries, retail sales and exhibitions account for my income. During this period I have always stolen time to search and experiment in order to continue to submit work for exhibition. Lately my focus has been concentrated on salt vapor glazed gestural pieces.

I am using the symbolic vessel form as my model. There is a primitive feeling to this work. It is ancient and new, quiet and slow to reveal itself, sometimes only after long reflection and acquaintance. These pieces are more provocative than entertaining.

Because I live on the fringe; first of all being an artist and secondly, living in the country, I have a particular insight that is mirrored in these pieces. Through this work I am attempting to interpret the minimalistic and unrelenting aspect of the Prairies. I've developed my own technique, style and voice that speaks from a rural prairie content affected by panoramic vistas of landscapes, weather, clouds mirages and light illuminating half the earth, half sky. I have witnessed marvellous phenomena, felt the season change, the land gaining life and losing it again. These images and experiences are part of me and my work. I am expressing feelings, moods, and thoughts. I find rural, solitude invigorating- it is the origin of my ideas.

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