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Waclaw Pietucha

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Born in Poland in 1951, Waclaw Pietucha currently resides with his family in Edmonton .  Art has been part of Waclaw’s life for as long as he can remember; his paintings drew a lot of attention from his teachers even in kindergarten.  
The enthusiasm by which Waclaw’s paintings were received by his viewers motivated him to continue doing what he loves, and what he was very obviously great at.  Although Waclaw was successful in selling works in watercolor, pastel and acrylics, oil medium is his favorite.  His paintings remain in high demand and a lot of his works have ended up in public and private collections in Canada , USA , France , and Germany .
 It can not be denied that mountain scenes are his preferred subject to paint and the works of Edgar Payne and Edward Theodore Compton have had an influence on developing Waclaw’s style. 

Membership - Associate Member of Oil Painters of America

Artist’s Statement
I have been in love with high mountains all my life.  When I lived in places where there were no mountains, I used to watch the sky and dream that clouds were mountains and I was on the very top looking down.  In my paintings, I want to depict mountains that symbolize sheer power and dominance.  Some viewers find my paintings claustrophobic, but the austerity of the Canadian Rockies gives me such a thrill I have to paint them the way I percept them.  Every visit to the mountains is very emotional for me.  I love being there, but also cannot wait to transfer my feelings onto a canvas.  The idea how I want to paint the place I just saw spawns there, not in my studio.  Painting mountains is like bringing home the places I want to be at every minute of my life.  My paintings are like windows to the world I always dream of, and I want to share my dream with everyone who views my works.
Selected exhibitions

1997   Group exhibition, IML Gallery, Edmonton
1998   Solo exhibition, IML Gallery, Edmonton
2005   Group exhibition, Mountain Galleries, Jasper
2006   Group exhibition, Mountain Galleries, Banff
2007   Group exhibition, Edmonton Art Gallery 
2008   “Small is All” Inter-provincial Traveling Exhibition
2008   "Where Mountains Touch the Sky" Solo Exhibition, Lando Gallery, Edmonton
September 2009 "Materpieces" Group exhibition, Gainsborough Galleries Ltd., Calgary
December 2009 "Christmas Celebration" Group exhibition, Gainsborough Galleries Ltd., Calgary
September 2010 "Materpieces" Group exhibition, Gainsborough Galleries Ltd., Calgary
December 2010 "Christmas Celebration" Group exhibition, Gainsborough Galleries Ltd., Calgary
April 16th, 2011 Group exhibition, Gainsborough Galleries Ltd., Calgary

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