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Jana Milne

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Jana Milne Fields of Gold Jana Milne 'Canola Blooms' Jana Milne 'Cloudbusitng'
Jana Mile 'Playful Sky' Jana Milne 'Birch Blaze' Jana Milne 'Amarillo Sky'
Jana Milne 'Pastel Skies' Jana Milne 'Dancing with the Clouds' Jana Milne 'Purple Prairie Skies'
Milne - Colourful Days of Autumn Jana Milne 'Rippled Clouds' Milne - Shades of Autumn
Milne - Prairie Blues Milne - Wandering Clouds Milne - Standing Proud
Milne - Flashback Milne - Time Keeps Ticking Away Milne - Under the Red Roof
Milne - Soulfull Skies Milne - Summertime Milne - Summer Storm


When you grow up in a city like Prague, art and historic culture have a way of getting inside you, making you look at life a little differently, even when you’re not aware of it.

I moved to Canada as a young girl, learned a new language, finished high school and then wondered what I was going to do with the rest of my life. When the door to a career in industrial art closed, I found I was good at composition and colour, and ended up graduating from college in Graphic Design. That led me into the dynamic and sometimes frenetic world of advertising, design and print production. It was perfect for me. I was able to work with space, colour, type and deadlines. But after years of making other people’s ideas look good, it was time to see what personal artistic talents I could pursue.

So in the mid-90’s, I set out to see what I could do with a brush, paints and canvas. I started in watercolours, moved on to pastels, and found that I preferred working in the medium of oils and acrylics best of all. And while a lot of work goes into each piece, what I love the most about painting is the surprise. The passion that unfolds before me and shows itself in the finished piece. It starts out as a rough drawing and ends up telling a story I didn’t know I had in me.

The subject matter of my paintings is definitely diverse — I enjoy that. I love painting what inspires me. It might be an Alberta farmhouse or landscape, an iconic grain elevator with a twist to commemorate Alberta’s centennial, or my favourite of the moment — abstracts with complex shapes, layers, light and mood. My paintings allow me to communicate in a way I never thought possible and sometimes when I’m really lucky, they speak to others on a personal level, too.

My work can be found in private collections throughout North America and Europe. I’m currently represented by Lando Gallery in Edmonton, Latitude Art Gallery in Calgary, Blue Rock Art Gallery in Black Diamond and Gust Gallery in Waterton.

A proud member of the Alberta Society of Artists.

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